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Young Music Company has been in business since 1985. We have dedicated ourselves to bringing you the highest quality service and support for vintage organs. Find out more about Hammond B-3 Organs, Leslie Speakers, and the Hammond XK System.

  Never before has this been done. Offering you classic "tone-wheel" sound utilizing 96-Digital Tone Wheels. New VASEIII sound generator produces all vintage B3 sounds and characteristics. PLUS, Internal Vacuum Tubes allow PRE-AMP and OVERDRIVE Mode using control knob. Hammond XK3
Hammond XK-3 pricing
  The new B3
B-3 pricing
The NEW B-3, is an exact digital duplication of Hammond's original B-3, complete with multi-contact keys, original cabinet and even a start switch. All this, plus the new VASE lll sound reproduction, makes it exact in every detail.  
  A completely "New Concept" Leslie for the 21st century music scene. Leslie 21 System
Leslie 21 System pricing
  Leslie 122XB
Leslie 122XB pricing
This Leslie tone cabinet is designed for single-channel organs whose pedal range extends down into the lower frequencies. The sound is "separated" with the highs reproduced by a horn rotor and the lows reproduced by a bass rotor. Both the horn and bass rotors can be operated at two speeds : Fast (Tremolo) or Slow (Chorale). This model also features a traditional tube amplifier for the "warm tube" sound.  
New Pricing.  
The New Hammond B-3 Red Walnut $17,000.00
Leslie 122XB tine Leslie for new B3 $2,495.00
Leslie 771 solid state 150 watt Leslie for new B3 $2,495.00
Leslie 122A tube Leslie for used Hammond Organs $2,495.00
New Hammon PB3 Portable $12,995.00
EXP-100F volume pedal for XK-3 w/ foot switch $165.00
Leslie 2102, 13" H x 20" W x 20" D Portable Leslie $1,095.00

Hammond XK-3 Portable Single Keyboard $1,995.00
XK-System Lower Manual Tradional, walnut $1,995.00
XK-System Bench - Traditional walnut $595.00
XK-System Stand - Traditional walnut $595.00
XK-System Pedals 25 note midi, wood $1,695.00
XK-System total Package in traditional wood $6,875.00

XK-System Lower Manual Pro Style $1,495.00
XK-System Bench Pro Style, metal $695.00
XK-System Stand Pro Style, metal $595.00
XK-System Pedals 25 note midi, wood $1,695.00
XK-3 $1,995.00
XK-System total Package - Pro Style metal frame $6,475.00

XK-1 Single Keyboard $1,495.00

Kits and cables.  
6122, connects 122 to old style Hammonds $190.00
6147, connects 147, 145 to older Hammonds $190.00
1122 connects new B-3, XK-3 to older 122 Leslies  
   11 to 6 pin cable $210.00
11 to 11 pin cable $95.00
Trek II universal combo preample $310.00
1/2 Moon tremolo switch, like old style $95.00
Bottle Hammond organ oil, 4 oz. $12.00
Upper Belts $15.00
Lower Belts $20.00

Used organs.  
Hammon B-3 Organ w/ used Leslie 122 $7,000.0
     w/new Leslie 122A $8000.00
Hammon C-3 Organ w/ used Leslie 122; $6000.00
     w/new Leslie 122 $7000.00
Hammon A-100 Organ w/ used Leslie 122$4000.00
     w/new Leslie 122A $4500.00
Hammon CV Organ w/ perc. Unit
     w/new Leslie 147 $2500.00
Hammon X-77 organed used w/900 Leslie $900.00
Used Leslie 760 w/ kit or preamp $900.00